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Dec 11, 2011 8:30am PST
gave the frontrunners a new name. >> if you look at "newt romney," they were for "obamacare"... >> he's been on different positions on so many issues. >> i've always kind of been of the opinion that if you cheat on your wife, you'll cheat on your business partner. >> schieffer: gingrich did not take it lying down. >> the only reason you didn't become a career politician is you lost to teddy kennedy in 1994. >> schieffer: mitt romney is betting big on himself, and left no doubt about it. >> i'll tell you what. $10,000? $10,000 bet? >> i'm not in the betting business. >> schieffer: in a time when many are out of work, will romney regret that? bet you the comics don't. they were already having a field day. >> that's what's so crazy. republicans are up newt creek without a paddle. >> schieffer: believe it or not, gingrich was already flexing his muscles for "newsweek". michele bachmann, who was on the stage last night, is up early this morning to tell us why she hopes it won't be gingrich. and we'll hear from iowa congressman steve king, whose endorsement in the iowa campaign could be cruci
Dec 4, 2011 11:00am EST
you! >> a time for change has come! >> the latest on romney. the latest conservative hero, the last man standing against mitt romney is newt gingrich. does newt have the stuff and the cash to carry the anti-romney fight to the end. in your heart, you know he's right. that was the goldwater slogan. this year, will conservatives turn away from romney? will their hearts convince them newt is one of them. and finally, may day, may day. 70 years ago, the sneak attack on pearl harbor, the day f.d.r. said would live in infamy. now is iran the biggest threat facing barack obama and the rest world. i'm andrea mitchell in for chris matthews today and welcome to the show. with us today, joe klein with "time magazine," gillian tett with the "financial times," the "new york times," helen cooper and john heilemann, "new york magazine." for weeks, we have witnessed the rise and fall of the un-romney, the bachmanns, the canes and the perrys and now, newt gingrich. no one predicted this. even though they've focused on beating barack obama, the g.o.p. far right seems to want beginningerish. some anal
Dec 11, 2011 9:00am EST
1994. >>> under pressure, romney wages big. >> i tell you what, 10,000 bucks. >> but will his gamble backfire? >> and did michele bachmann outplank her the front-runner with her attack. >> newt romney they were for obama care principals. newt romney. >> also rick perry gets personal. >> if you cheat your wife you'll cheat on your business partners. >> the abc news debate, a turning minute to this roller-coaster campaign. this morning, complete coverage and our the moderators, george stephanopoulos and diane sawyer. refraction jon huntsman, the other republican in the race. our abc news political team is standing by in iowa to break down the spin. the view of this unpredictable race. >>> good morning, and welcome to the program. we'll have all of the highlights of last night's showdown in the hawkeye state. but some news from your morning papers. iran has announced that it won't return the american surveillance drone now in the hands of the country's military. top commander called the drone into iranian air space a hostile act and warned of a bigger response if it happens again. the s
Dec 12, 2011 9:00am EST
, avoids missteps at this weekend's iowa debate and that's the $10,000 question. did mitt romney hurt himself with an unusual, unforced error. >> with so much dissatisfaction on both sides, what are the odds of a third party run? ron paul still won't rule it out. this morning we'll hear from one democrat who is saying yes. it's monday, december 12, 2011. let's get to my first read of the morning. from conservatives and tea party supporters, newt gingrich has opened up double digit leads over mitt romney in both south carolina and florida according to new nbc news/marist polls, to romney's 23%. a 35-point jump since april, ron paul in third with 9%. winner of the primary has gone on to win the nomination since 1980 and as our pollster says, newt is ahead any way you slice it. in a field reduced to three candidates, gingrich would get the support of 48%. romney, 30, paul, 12, in a two way, gingrich jumps to 57. romney is at 33%. paul holds down newt more so than romney from a three way to a two way. gingrich leads romney, 44 to 29. these look very similar and that's a 38-point increase
Dec 31, 2011 2:00am PST
of 2012. leading off tonight, romney goes for the kishlgs our new nbc news/marist poll has mitt romney leading the field here in iowa. it's the second poll this week to show romney on top and one of many polls showing newt gingrich is in dead free fall. the pressure may be getting to newt who became teary-eyed this afternoon at java joe 's. one reason romney is doing so well is evangelical voters are split, torn among rick santorum, rick perry, romney, gingrich and michele bachmann. today the religious-oriented candidates, santorum, perry and bachmann, get 35% in a new poll, but apart they are giving rom nareal path to victory through their division, and how many tickets are there out of iowa? how many people come from here to other parts of the debate and the campaign? well, who is out of the race if they don't have a strong finish on tuesday night? we'll answer that tonight. we'll look at which of the candidates are most likely to quit after the iowa caucuses this coming tuesday. and tell me what you really think. we've got the most revealing moments of the republican race so
Dec 4, 2011 10:00am EST
away from romney? will their hearts convince them newt is one of them. and finally, may day, may day. 70 years ago, the sneak attack on pearl harbor, the day f.d.r. said would live in infamy. now is iran the biggest threat facing barack obama and the rest world. i'm andrea mitchell in for chris matthews today and welcome to the show. with us today, joe klein with "time magazine," gillian tett with the "financial times," the "new york times," helen cooper and john heilemann, "new york magazine." for weeks, we have witnessed the rise and fall of the un-romney, the bachmanns, the canes and the perrys and now, newt gingrich. no one predicted this. even though they've focused on beating barack obama, the g.o.p. far right seems to want beginningerish. some analysts say that the hard right sees in newt's tough talk another barry goldwater. >> in this free nation, we do not choose to be ruled, we elect to be governed. >> and the right does seem to think that gingrich is one of them. he was a conservative hero of the 1994 contract with america which swept him to the speakership. but there
Dec 19, 2011 4:00am EST
moines register" this morning in e endorsement for mitt romney, there's an observation about you -- >> david, what i said -- >> if i can finish. this is what the des moines register writes this morning, observation about michele bachmann. overall impression, an impressive fireball who can absorb and regurgitate tons of information, even if some of it turns out to be inaccurate. >> well, and the des moines register doesn't say what that inaccuracy would be. they don't point that out. and also, regarding what you just said prior, politifact was regarding my statement regarding health care. i had made a statement regarding health care. they said that that was accurate. i wasn't saying that it was regarding freddie mac. but my comments regarding freddie mac are accurate. >> let me ask you about discussion of the future of the judiciary. this has come up as a big debating point in iowa and on the stage the other night. here is what you said as that discussion went forward in the debate the other night. >> what we need to do about it is have the -- both the president, and the united st
Dec 11, 2011 10:00am EST
obama campaign team has been gaming the re-election battle against mitt romney. we'll try to spot some of the inexplicable reasons later in the show. all the polls show republican voters favor newt gingrich to lead them into battle. one poll broadened it, looking forward to the november election. it found gingrich running very close to romney in a head-to-head with the president. in ohio a must-win state for republicans, this is striking. obama now trails romney, but obama also trails gingrich, 42-43. very close between myth and newt in those hypothetical general election battles. in florida, not quite that close. obama trails romney by three, but he beats gingrich by just two points. in pennsylvania, better for obama. he beats romney there by three and beats gingrich by eight. kelly, these two guys, newt and mitt, look about the same. >> it is striking. the lying in wait period for mitt romney, where he's done all the right things in the traditional model has not paid off for him. his support has been so constant. i'm from ohio, so i have a sense of this from my own personal history.
Dec 17, 2011 7:30pm EST
republicans remain dissatisfied, many believe, with republican contenders. notably, romney and gingrich. republican voters see gingrich as zany, and romney as inconsistent. the iowa caucuses, less than three weeks away, january 3, are closed caucuses, limited only to registered republicans, ie, g.o.p.'s, true believers. that gives dr. paul the inside track. also, this -- one, ground support. politicians in the state say that paul has the best ground campaign. that means he will turn out his vote, reminds a phone calls, car pickups and returns, helping registration, et cetera. two, money. paul this year has raised $15 million, only mitt romney with 15 million and rick perry with 17 million have raised more. marginally. three, advertising. tough, close to the bone claims. here's his ad against newt gingrich, branding him with serial hypocrisy. >> he flipped and flopped based on -- >> he's demonstrating himself to be a very -- insider. >> it's about serial hypocrisy. >> and as for governor romney, here's the paul take on him. >> mitt romney, who was praised by barack obama for his
Dec 29, 2011 1:00pm EST
, romney is still out front and ron paul is close behind but gingrich has nose dived and rick santorum is the new king of the surge. >> folks are coming to the guy that has the best and strongest record and strongest plan to get this country going. >> but could the santorum boom go bust when independence who can register on caucus day are counted? they'll show up in our new poll tomorrow. >>> how does newt recover after dropping 20 points in 20 days? buy describing himself as a latter day giper. >> it is exactly the fight that reagan was in with the establishment in '80xo it's amazing how none of the fault lines have changed. >> and turncoat politics, only hours after showing up with michele bachmann, bachmann's iowa chair defects to ron paul. >> we're going to take ron paul all way to the white house 2012. >> in the direct conversation that i had with him, he told me that he was offered money. he was offered a lot of money by the ron paul campaign to go and associate with the ron paul campaign. no one else knows about that conversation other than kent sorenson and myself and i know what
Dec 27, 2011 1:00pm EST
, spent here alone this month. mitt romney spending a lot of that money, outspending newt gingrich 8-1 if you include the romney super pac. gingrich himself has only spent roughly $476,000 so far. also today, they're some of what some people refer to as the dirty politics that upsets a lot of people. nbc news can now report that earlier today, this morning some iowans received a text message that was essentially asking them to call a local phone number. when they called that phone number, it had articulated that it would be romney exposed. that phone number then revealed a recording of mitt romney's comments from 1994, where his convictions on the pro-life, the abortion debate have really been in question. he now of course indicates he's pro life. in 1994 during a massachusetts state senate debate he made it very clear that he was not in favor of abortion -- or he was, excuse me, in favor of abortion at the time. and that's one of the things going on today as many of these candidates really try to grab a hold of those conservative voters who will be heading to the polls exactly one wee
Dec 28, 2011 9:00am PST
with mitt romney and the fact that he has his knives out as it were for president obama. there's been a lot of talk that mitt is feeling better, if not confident, about an iowa -- his iowa standings. can you give us more intel on that? >> well, i think, alex, they did their closing argument last week in new hampshire and it was sort of striking he did a closing argument in a republican nomination contest where he focused exclusively on president obama. didn't talk about other republicans. and i think that reflects an extraordinarily high degree of confidence in the romney campaign. i quoted a senior adviser in a column i wrote last week as saying he could not see a scenario in which mitt romney was not the nominee. that is partly because they believe the field is so weak. it's also partly because they think romney is rising, that he's rekofcovered from the gingh surge. even if he doesn't win iowa, they only see one other possible winner here and that's ron paul, who they don't think has any chance of being the republican nominee. it could actually be a win for him either way. but
FOX News
Dec 17, 2011 8:00pm PST
experience. the closer look at newt gingrich's dealing with freddie mac and mitt romney's time with bayne capital, how big a vulnerability will they be in a general election? >> welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. they squared off in a debate. and showing newt gingrich, mitt romney and ron paul, and the others tried to make a final impression on iowa voters. >> i kind of like these debates, and i hope obama and i debate a lot and i'll get there early and we'll get it on and talk about our differences which are great. i tell you, i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> i think that people, neil, are coming around to finding that i mean the consistent conservative in in race. >> they're coming around to find that i'm not going to pander. i'm not going to contort myself into a pretzel to please any audience i'm in front of and i'm not going to sign those silly pledges and now what else i'm not going to show up at a donald trump doe bait. >> paul: so did they succeed? joining the panel, wall street journal columnest dan hittinger-- did it change the contours of
Dec 14, 2011 7:00pm PST
changed his mind. >> is romney so desperate to prove he is a conservative, chris alyssa, he is bringing out christine o'donnell? >> what was that endorsement? >> mitt romney has to start pulling over conservative voters or he is not going to win the nomination. >> mitt romney is not a true conservative. >> they don't view mitt romney as one of them. >> no one is getting a mitt romney tattoo for next summer. >> if you cheat on your wife, you'll cheat on your business partner. >> do you give someone you acknowledge is a bomb thrower a nuclear weapon? >> electromagnetic pulse. >> you don't want a president throwing grenades left and right. >> impacts would be so horrifying. >> i am not a bomb thrower, rhetorically or literally. >> 21% of republican voters say they believe the current field of candidates is a strong one. >> it is a disaster. complete disaster. a complete and total disaster. a complete and total disaster. >> president obama played to his political strength giving a speech at fort brag to mark the end of the war in iraq and highlight his administration's military accomplishme
Dec 29, 2011 4:00pm PST
i'm al shamp ton. "hardball" starts right now.ç >>> romney rump. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews at java joe's in des moines, iowa. we're just five days away from the iowa caucuses. the candidates are here, the crowds are obviously here until the votes are in. "hardball" is going to be here every night through the caucuses tuesday night. leading off tonight, smelling victory. one day after a new poll put him first here in iowa, mitt romney is strutting his stuff, showing a new air of confidence with just five days to go. romney announced he'll stay in iowa through tuesday's caucuses, holding a post-caucus party here in des moines before moving on to new hampshire wednesday morning. he's playing to win here. hoping victories in iowa and then new hampshire will help him wrap up the nomination quickly. romney's biggest rival right now in iowa is ron paul. a small government conservative and darling of the tea party. but we're learning more about the other side of ron paul, the one who buys into all sorts of conspiracy theories and even supports the the jo
Dec 8, 2011 7:00pm PST
-runner. no, not newt gingrich. we've got elizabeth warren. >> let's go to newt versus romney. >> yeah. >> romney unloaded today. >> mitt romney has no time to lose. they are turning the fire hose on newt. >> in florida, gingrich also beat romney by 23 points. >> a lot of the tea party people are for mitt romney. >> gingrich has made the calculations so far that romney is still having a difficult time with tea party supporters. >> newt gingrich over obama in ohio in a head to head match up, 43-42. that is a heart attack. >> that is mind bending. >> conservatives like mitt romney. >> gingrich on top in iowa with 33% support among likely caucus goers. >> gingrich is not the only front-runner, easy roaded romney's ee electric ta built. >> this is clearly a statement from the american people and has less to do with newt gingrich than it does with the state of american politics. >> newt gingrich has an argument against obama that is entirely based on hatred. >> i have one opponent, barack obama, and that's how my campaign is going to keep moving forward. >> just wait and see. that's what i
FOX News
Dec 14, 2011 6:00pm PST
positive campaign. >> so will the speaker abandon his plans now that team romney opened up an all-out assault on the govern front runner? juan williams is here with reaction. plus in a stunning interview, the anointed one claims that his administration bears no responsibility at all for the failing economy. plus, more fall-out over ann coulter comments from last night's show. >> the two most conservative candidates who are still standing now are michelle bachmann and mitt romney. >> michelle is here to break it down. we are on the road to 2012. "hannity" starts right here, right now >> sean: on the eve of the biggest debate of this primary season. tomorrow night in iowa, we will be there. the republican presidential candidate will collide on the fox news channel. and ahead of that all-important showdown, new polls are shaking up the g.o.p. field. and they are showing us just how volatile this, well, nomination race really is. first, we begin with the view from a nationwide poll where according to the "wall street journal," nbc news, former house speaker newt gingrich leads mitt romney
Dec 29, 2011 3:00pm EST
, kerry, cain, gingrich and ron paul. they will marry romney. >> mitt romney leading in iowa with 25% of the vote. >> mitt romney maintained his spot at or near the to which every poll. >> mitt romney making a big push. >> the cnn timeç poll with mit romney at the top. >> yes that, latest poll shows romney leading in iowa with registered republicans. right behind is ron paul which is good for romney. the republican party will be so excited to marry mitt romney. after iowa, the campaign moves on to new hampshire. according to the same poll, romney is killing it. he's at 44% in the polls. ron paul again in second has half that with 22%. for months the question has been can romney win? can a guy the republicans don't seem to like pull it off. my question is about to change. it's about to become what will he do if he does win? a few years after graduating, romney was invited back to give a presentation. he stood in front of the students and said to think of themselves as tiny multinational corporations. he drew a chart. they understand how the products are contributing to the growth an
Dec 5, 2011 9:00am EST
poll show gingrich surging, romney slipping and ron paul sneaking up. with herman cain out, who will pick up his supporters? we'll dig deep into the new nbc/marist numbers. >>> want more proof newt gingrich is the man to beat, he is fending off attacks and even some former colleagues are taking shots. is he making nice with donald trump making a pilgrimage to trump's office today and so far he's the only one to agree to participate in trump's debate. we'll talk to mr. trump himself on why he can't convince more candidates to come. >>> so far the obama campaign has focused its efforts on mitt romney. will gingrich's surge change its tune? david axelrod joins us live this morning on set. it's monday, december 5th, 2011. this is "daily rundown." crunchtime, folks. i'm chuck todd. my first read of the morning, with just four weeks until the first votes are cast and one last candidate in the republican race, we're unveiling new polls in iowa and new hampshire. the three headlines. newt surge. mitt romney's decline and ron paul's surprising strength. gingrich has been the biggest beneficia
Dec 28, 2011 5:30pm PST
just reshuffled the gop deck showing mitt romney with a late surge, now moving out front with 25%. previous front-runner ron paul is hanging close at 22%. rick santorum showing his own late momentum has now overtaken former house speaker newt gingrich to run third. tonight gingrich is telling nbc news number four may be good enough. his conversation with chuck todd is coming up, but we begin with peter alexander in clinton, iowa where the candidates are picking up the pace racing the clock and each other. peter. >> reporter: lester, good evening to you. while this new poll shows just how volatile the gop field still is, ron paul has steadily remained at or near the top through the course of this political campaign, and again today he was the target of nearly every other candidate looking to erode his supports. their messages by now well-honed. the republican presidential pd candidates today scam belled to make their closing pitches to the tens of thousands of undecided iowans. >> it's an absolutely gorgeous, brilliant, sparkling day here in creston, iowa. >> reporter: seven candi
FOX News
Dec 31, 2011 11:00am PST
the romney campaign and the ron paul campaign and he's sort of trying to change the subject and he says i want to stay positive and so i want to talk about jobs and growth and see if that resonates. but the reality, he hasn't been able to respond to this ad. he doesn't have the resources. >> one out of every two ads in iowa has been a negative attack ad on newt gingrich and in that sense, mitt romney through that super pac has really, really zeroed in on gingrich and piled in, probably as the candidate, and imposed threats by the road if he could somehow consolidate the conservative support. >> yeah, i think that romney has run an effective campaign. it's kind of interesting the way that everyone is talking now about who might come in second and santorum has 14% of the vote. >> yes. >> and this is like a gulf tournament. if you come in one stroke behind the leader, you lose. there's only one winner here and it looks like mitt romney may end up winning iowa. if he wins iowa it could be a knockout blow because he's winning new hampshire. >> kim, in the modern era no republican candid
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 5,281 (some duplicates have been removed)